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Album: Brightly Shining Dimly Lit
By: Noah Brown

Commuter writes pop music- slick, layered, elegantly produced pop tunes. Armed with a guitar, a laptop, a few beats and a vision, Jay Skinner and Dan Zacharias comprise Commuter and on their full-length debut Brightly Shining, Dimly Lit, deliver ten tracks of Indie-pop goodness that will have you humming along for days. It's an album that you'll want to take with you and pop the headphones on while traveling and sitting back watching as the world passes by. The tunes found on their debut are, for the most part, resounding love songs about alienation, loss and what should have been. Perhaps it is this alienation that inspired the overall feeling of the album, including the album art and the passport-style liner notes that feature Jay and Dan as airline pilots. For the majority of the album, Commuter remains restrained and mellow while letting their pop-laded hooks tell every story. Like veteran songwriters, Jay and Dan have crafted a solid debut that truly exhibits their discipline and knack for making electronic-based pop music that envelopes the listener.

Commuter Where Commuter's debut really shines is in its ability to envelope the listener in a lush, synthy sound and create a feeling of intimacy in which the songs are stripped to their core- a minimalist approach which allows each and every moment of brilliance to take center stage. This, of course, places Commuter in the pilot's seat for their next release, where they will be free to more deeply explore terrain that they merely scratched the surface of on Brightly Shining, Dimly Lit. Far too often bands unleash their full arsenal prematurely and when it comes time to record their sophomore outing, it usually comes out sounding something like their debut album only remixed or, even worse, a floundering attempt at experimenting and testing the waters of seas it would behoove them to avoid navigating in the first place. Commuter has ensured that they have placed themselves right in the sweet spot with a feature in the third season finale of The OC and leaving themselves free to comfortably hone their vision and fully realize the potential they have intermittently woven throughout their debut release.

What more can we say? We at FanBolt, love the band, love the cd, and we highly recommend it for all you OC fans! This is definitely one band to watch!

Official Website - Commuter
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