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We Saved Our Souls

We Saved Our Souls

We Saved Our Souls Logo
We Saved Our Souls clothing was started in NYC by the guy/girl creative duo of Scott Palmer and Keeno Ahmed. Rooted in artistic backgrounds, Scott and Keeno were frustrated by a lack of originality in the tees they saw their fellow denizens wearing, so they began to work on some of their own art, which they silkscreened by hand onto t-shirts for men and women.

Their first collection got noticed immediately, and placed We Saved Our Souls in some of the coolest boutiques in downtown New York City. When Keeno and Scott began seeing people out and about wearing their gear, they decided to bump it up a notch and work on custom t-shirts, which eventually found their way to stores across the U.S.A., in Europe, and beyond.

Every We Saved Our Souls’ tee is made of super soft cotton, custom-made and features original, hand-drawn or distressed designs. Their gear has graced the likes of Hollywood heartthrobs Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, to rockers like the Killers and the Secret Machines. We Saved Our Souls believes living is about finding the poetry in life--—daring to be unique, provocative, and inspiring.

FanBolt Recommendations:

We Saved Our Soul tees are perfect for the guy who loves the Seth Cohen look, or for the girl who loves a simple yet edgy look. We’re huge fans of the hold on to hope tee, and we’re pretty sure that any guy who adorns the Seth Cohen look would love it as well! As far as for the girls, we think this line is something that would appeal to Kaitlin, especially the femme fatale tee.

Another great thing about this collection of shirts is that with most of them you can get them in either coal or snow, so whether you’re more of a fan of darker or lightered colored tees, We Saved Our Souls has got you set! The shirts are trendy and high quality, and the designs will make you stand out in a crowd. The OC is known for making fashion statements, and you’ll be making your own statement in one of these unique and enchanting shirts.

We’ve listed a site below that carries the line, including the pieces that we have pictured below, so if one of these styles catches your eye, be sure to grab it before it’s gone!

We Saved Our Souls We Saved Our Souls We Saved Our Souls We Saved Our Souls We Saved Our Souls

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