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Uptown Bella

Uptown Bella

UpTown Bella
UpTown Bella laptop bags are the perfect solution for college students, career women, fashionistas, anyone on the go and in style.

It’s a common problem for stylish women on the go—they have the cute outfit, the cute luggage…and the not-so-cute laptop bag. UpTown Bella ends this dilemma with a collection of laptop bags that combine fashion and functionality. Now savvy career women can tote their laptop, cell phones, gadgets, iPod, ID, and boarding pass with ease and style. Every UpTown Bella bag is well-thought out, with functional pockets and compartments to hold everything imaginable—from a BlackBerry to cosmetics.

UpTown Bella solves the travel problem of juggling your laptop, boarding pass, cell phone, and ID when going through airport check-in. While most laptop bags sacrifice either style or functionality, UpTown Bella is a collection of stylish, luxurious and multifunctional laptop bags for female executives who want it all. The creator, Gabby Chan, is a business woman who saw the need when her and her style-conscious friends couldn’t find laptop bags that were practical for business yet agreed with their fashion sense. Every UpTown Bella bag must meet their strict criteria: it needs to look good; it needs to be multifunctional and designed for everyday use; it needs to make airport security a breeze; and it needs to have practical features.

“My work requires me to travel a lot to meet customers and vendors,” said Chan, a project manager in Silicon Valley. “Therefore, I need to travel with my laptop all the time. I used to have a black bulky laptop bag, which is not only ugly and heavy but also makes it difficult to remove your laptop at airport security checkpoints. The design of UpTown Bella focuses on those problems and also incorporates features that are ideal for today’s tech savvy career woman.”

UpTown Bella’s collection of bags are named after Chan’s stylish businesswomen friends—Alyssa, Ashley, Jennifer, and Nicole. Every bag has unique features characteristic of the needs of its namesake, from the road warrior to urban nature enthusiast. Women-friendly features on these bags include a built-in LED light that hits right at keyhole level, a special gadget loop and detachable cords for your iPod (you can make song selections without removing your iPod from the bag) and cell phone, special pockets and compartments for essentials such as boarding passes and ID, and protective weatherproof material.

Made of Softtouch Koskin and Plush Suede, UpTown Bella bags come in fun colors ranging from lilac sensation to sweet honeydew. In addition to bags, UpTown Bella carries the Sarah Sleeve, which can be used alone or placed inside all UpTown Bella bags. Its soft handles and front pockets for essentials (phone, pens, etc.) makes it easy to tote the Sarah Sleeve into office meetings or through airport security.

FanBolt Recommendations:

With The O.C. gang embarking into the college scene it brings about a whole new need for accessories. Late night study sessions will be a must! UpTown Bella has an adorable line of accessories for the woman on the go, and we can totally see Taylor Townsend with one of these! Most laptop cases aren’t too attractive, they’re basic and majorly lack that cute factor, but UpTown Bella’s bags take care of this putting style into the laptop accessory world. These bags aren’t just cute, they’re functional as well. Inside each of the bags you’ll find pockets to your heart’s content designed especially for everything from your power adapter to your cellphone, PDA, ID, and even your cosmetics!

We also love the adorable little ipod hoodie they have available here! We’ve seen a ton of ipod accessories flood the market recently, but none have caught our eye quite like this one. Its unique design is not only trendy but also oh-so cute! You find yourself at center of a world of compliments with this one, as every girl will love it and admire its edgy style!

Cute meets practical with UpTown Bella, and we know you will love them as much as we do!

Uptown Bella Uptown Bella

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