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TheOCOnline.Com Style Week

Style WeekAugust 21st - August 26th
It’s a full week of fun and fashion on TheOCOnline.Com! We’ve got amazing designers who’ve had their pieces featured on The O.C. as well as clothing and jewelry lines that are hot in Hollywood right now! Everything you need for fall fashion is right here this week! Each day we’ll feature new designers and new outfits that we think scream “OC!” as well as exclusive interviews with the designers! In addition to presenting these designers to you, we’re also going to be giving away a TON of the fashion that we’re featuring! So sit back and get ready, because August 21st- August 26th is TheOCOnline.Com’s first ever Style Week!

Style Week

Style Week Day 5

Fresh Karma

Fresh Karma Logo
Fresh Karma (formerly Fresh Los Angeles) was born in May of 2004 and has seen astounding growth in its first year.

Three owners, Nevi, Amy and Owen, collaborated to create a line of clothing that reflects respect, recycling and good karma. Owen comes from a colorful career in both the music and clothing industry and has a vast knowledge of vintage. Amy also has an eye for vintage and an amazing talent for innovative design. Nevi an Art director and skilled graphic artist, and together these three creative forces have created a line that is whimsical, unconcerned with trends and ever changing.

Fresh Karma has introduced diversity to the contemporary market place with their unique processes and intricate details. No two pieces are exactly alike, all silk screens are done by hand, and each individual piece passes through the hands of one of the three owners. All silk screens used are replicas of vintage screens discovered from years spent scouring rag houses across the country. The line consists of reconstructed woven’s, polo’s, shrunken hoodies, skirts, cami’s, blazers and hats, all with the special “Fresh Karma” twist. The brand has been embraced by some of the best specialty stores in the USA, Japan and the UK. Fresh Karma can be found at Kitson, Intuition, Fred Segal, The Lounge NY, Selfridges, Labrador and LaLa Plan to name a few.

Click here for more information on Fresh Karma!

Sacred Blue

Sacred Blue Logo
Sacred Blue Denim is a genius mix of Rock n’ Roll and true laid back, California style. It is the epitome of original fashion; in a class by itself, Sacred has earned the respect and love from celebrities like Slash, Scott Weiland, Mena Suvari, and Cameron Diaz. The line is known for its supreme fit, premium denim fabrics, superlative detailing, and flawless finishes. And of course, its modern, rock and roll inspired designs.

Sacred Blue differentiates from other denim lines with customized hand-detailing with triple stitching, an extensive variety of washes, perfect fits, and of course, ultimate comfort. Each pair is one of a kind, “My vision was to create a jean that would rival the look and feel of priceless denim from America’s rock and roll 70s,” said Michael Mechaly, president of Sacred Blue. “Our goal was to incorporate classic style with the perfect amount of hard rock edge, comfort, and unique detailing. Rivaling the original denim styles of the rock and roll genre is no easy feat, but I believe my vision has become a reality.”

Click here for more information on Sacred Blue!

History Clothing

History Clothing Logo
Launched in 2004, History Clothing represents renaissance style and quality for the contemporary sportswear market. The designs are intricate and mysterious. The garments have been carefully designed for function as well as fashion.

Launched in 2004, History Clothing represents renaissance style and quality for the contemporary sportswear market. The designs are intricate and mysterious. The garments have been carefully designed for function as well as fashion.

Babak Vasoughi was born in Tehran on July 14, 1974 as the oldest of two children. At the young age of eleven he was sent to Germany where he grew up. In 1991 he came to the US with aspirations of being in fashion. He started by working in high end retail stores and eventually traveled to Milan, Italy for modeling to learn the inside of the fashion industry. Through his travels he learned and gained the knowledge that he needed to pursue his dream of becoming a designer.

In 2003, inspired by his favorite designer, Alexander McQueen, he started his own line B. Vosoughi, where some high-end stores and celebrities were his clients. Such celebrities as Lisa Marie Presley, Bobby Valentine and Shavo Odadjian (System of a Down).

In 2004, to be able to extend his line internationally he started a partnership with Jerry Salem who has helped build up numerous brands in his career. By the end of 2004 they launched History Clothing which is now in stores nationwide a well as in Canada and Australia.

In 2006 a new partnership with the Brand House will take the line internationally and to a higher level. Babak's vision is to have a full line by 2007.

Click here for more information on History Clothing!

Style Week Outfit
The Summer Look
Top: Vintage Pearl Collar Tee by Lynn/Linh
Bottom: Jeans by Reo Starr
Additional Images:

Michael Stars

Style Week Piece

Style Week Outfit
The Taylor Look
Top: Scattered Joy Shirt by Amy Tangerine
Skirt: Embellished Khaki Skirt by Free People
Sunglasses: Glasses by Petro Zillia
Additional Images:

Style Week Piece

Style Week Piece

Win Fresh Karma Clothing!

Win Sacred Blue Clothing!

Win History Clothing!

Photography by: Emma Loggins

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