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TheOCOnline.Com Style Week

Style WeekAugust 21st - August 26th
It’s a full week of fun and fashion on TheOCOnline.Com! We’ve got amazing designers who’ve had their pieces featured on The O.C. as well as clothing and jewelry lines that are hot in Hollywood right now! Everything you need for fall fashion is right here this week! Each day we’ll feature new designers and new outfits that we think scream “OC!” as well as exclusive interviews with the designers! In addition to presenting these designers to you, we’re also going to be giving away a TON of the fashion that we’re featuring! So sit back and get ready, because August 21st- August 26th is TheOCOnline.Com’s first ever Style Week!

Style Week

Style Week Day 1

Reo Starr

Reo Starr
Unlike this season’s waitlist-only handbags that you won’t be able to give away next season, Reo Starr’s jeans are a fashion classic.

A great pair of jeans is as much the part of the rock and roll spotlight as the right guitar. Reo Starr’s jeans draw their style from the influence of rock ‘n’ roll legends like Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix, whose signature sounds were imbued with sex, raw emotion and attitude. Their lines are named for certain rock icons who immediately convey an attitude. The Tyler jean is named for Steven, the Sinatra for Nancy and of course Fender for the legendary kick-ass guitar. There’s also a utility pant, Roadie, which is the name of a band’s crew.

Reo Starr jeans’ solid craftsmanship draws its inspiration from Levi Strauss, the godfather of denim. Each jean is made with a contrasting stitch, using single needlework. The rivets and buttons match hardware found in older jeans. Every piece in the line is branded with the company name and logo: a half star on the right rear pocket. The lived-in style is realized by hand sanding each piece, rather than sandblasting them, as is done with most mass-manufacture jeans. The result is a vintage jean with the attitude of LA’s Sunset Strip - warm and sexy, with just the right amount of swagger.

Reo Starr jeans are designed for women who draw attention to their overall look rather than just sport a look that begs attention. Although he core of the brand is their jeans, the line also features pants, cords, skirts, jackets and minis. These come in a wide range of electric colors: like fuchsia, orchid, purple, dark chocolate, and sage.

Company principals, Mark Tourgeman and Quinn Thompson, met twelve years ago as colleagues and became friends. Tourgeman was a buyer for American Rag and opened the successful boutique World Classics in Pasadena. Thompson owned the showroom Blue Marble Sales, which specialized in new and used denim. After realizing their common vision, they opened Reo Starr in the spring of 2002.

Click here for more information on Reo Starr!

Style Week Outfit
Girl Next Door
Top: Giraffe Long Sleeve Shirt by Amy Tangerine
Bottom: Jeans by Reo Starr
Additional Images:

Style Week Piece

Style Week Piece

Style Week Outfit
Pop Culture Hippie
Top: Summer Superhero Girls' T-Shirt by TheOCInsiderShop.Com
Bottom: Skirt by Free People
Additional Images:

Style Week Piece

Style Week Piece

Photography by: Emma Loggins

All images belong to TheOCOnline.Com and may not be re-posted or re-used anywhere without the expressed permission from Emma Loggins.

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