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Hayden Dawn, a brand new boutique design house out of Los Angeles shouted a bold and sexy hello to the fashion world this week with the launch of its first product StrapCouture.

Available exclusively at Hayden Dawn’s online boutique www.StrapCouture.com, this line of luxury bra straps hook right into your strapless bra and adjust to fit a variety of sizes.

StrapCouture is set to change everyday fashions into head-turners, with styles that range from glam gold chains to delicate faux pearls. Fierce under a tank. Stunning under a dress. StrapCouture can style any ensemble.

”StrapCouture is the perfect accessory for the girl looking to splurge, or the girl who has everything,” said Hayden Dawn designer and co-owner, 24 year-old Alexandra Yolman.

”Our straps are very fashion forward, but they aren’t lacking utility,” adds designer and co-owner Kate Lessa, 24. “StrapCouture is a great “support” system for those girls out there who normally can’t wear strapless bras.”

StrapCouture built up an early buzz while in limited supply at world famous L.A. boutique Intuition. Fox Television’s “Good Day Live” took notice and featured the designer bra straps on their “Style File” segment as a must-have accessory.

Just in time for the warm spring and summer months, these eye-catching bra straps are just a click away at www.StrapCouture.com.

FanBolt Recommendations:

We absolutely love StrapCouture! These are perfect for the girls who love to wear tank tops, and let’s face it, these scream OC! If you’re trying to emanate the style of the OC, then you’re probably wearing tank tops and short skirts or perhaps the longer boho skirts, either way, wearing a tank top that flashes your bra strap usually isn’t going to make the fashion statement you want. That’s where StrapCouture comes in! These bra accessories allow you turn your straps into a statement, something that actually will compliment your outfit. Now you can always opt for the strapless bra to avoid showing those straps, however, I’ve never know a girl, regardless of bra size, that has been able to wear one of those bras without having to constantly readjust them. It’s yet another reason why we love the idea of StrapCouture.

So how can you use these straps to achieve the look of the OC gals? Well we recommend the gold chain straps (view image 1 below) if you’re looking for an older, more sophisticated, look similar to that of Julie Cooper or Kirsten Cohen. The brushed gold with jade and quartz straps (view images 2-5) are perfect for a more young and independent look, and would be perfect paired with a tank top to achieve the beach beauty look of Marissa Cooper or Summer Roberts. Season three provided some great outfits that these straps would be perfect for, such as these: Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3, and Outfit 4.

In images 2-3 below, we’ve actually featured a top worn by Sadie (played by Nikki Reed) in the episode The Journey from season 3. The straps look beautiful when paired with this top by Free People.

The gals from the OC are known for starting fashion trends, and now here’s your chance to start one! StrapCouture is a unique idea for the independent and easy going California-style girl. There are so many possibilities with this line, so pick out a style and make a fashion statement!

StrapCouture StrapCouture StrapCouture StrapCouture StrapCouture

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