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Queenie4ever is a collection of “clothing for the glamourgirl” that is worn by Hollywood A-listers including Jessica Simpson, Renee Zellweger, Hilary Duff, Melissa Joan Hart, and The O.C.'s Autumn Reeser just to name a few.

The setting was a glamorous pink and black Hollywood-themed booth with a 5 foot life size cut-out of Queenie, a Hollywood starlet character created by Tatiana, and her French poodle Bijou. Queenie4ever displayed their Vintage Queenie collection of pink ringer t-shirts, which includes: Limo Queenie, Bubble Bath Queenie, Hollywood Queenie, Vanity Queenie, and Birthday Queenie. Also on hand were Queenie4ever rock star ¾ sleeve raglan t-shirts featuring Queenie’s rock star boyfriend, Johnny Majestic, along with Wong Wear, a collection of Asian-inspired men’s wear t-shirts.

Queenie4ever is the vision of Tatiana McLane, a 13-year-old entrepreneur/designer who started the collection when she was 10 years old. Her mother, Venice Wong, noticed her daughter had a flair for color and fashion early on. Wong, a music attorney who offers her wardrobe styling services to rock star clients, helped her daughter learn the ropes of the fashion industry. Tatiana is also the model and spokesperson for Queenie4ever, and was American Apparel's first kid model.

FanBolt Recommendations:

Any girl would be a fan of the Queenie4ever line. It's cute, classy, and oh-so girly! What's not to love? Autumn Reeser from 'The O.C' recently picked up a shirt from the line at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge celebrating this year's MTV Movie Awards. Autumn knows cute when she sees it, and so do we! With the designer of Queenie4ever being only 13 years old, we can't wait to see what she has instore for the fashion world in the future. She has such talent and drive for success at such a young age!

You'll find many different designs offered from the Queenie4ever line such as the Queenie Cameo Logo Collection, Hollywood Queenie, and then there's a tons more charming designs in the Vintage Queenie Collection where you can find the bubble bath design that is displayed below. Any of these pieces would pair up perfectly with some trendy denium, whether it be a pair of jeans or a cute denium skirt, you'll look like America's sweetheart!

We have an interview with Tatiana and her mother Venice, which we will be featuring in August's Style Week, so keep your eyes out to find out more about this talented designer and what her words of advice are to other inspiring designers!

Queenie4ever Queenie4ever Queenie4ever Queenie4ever Queenie4ever

Queenie4Ever Queenie4ever
Interviewed by: Emma Loggins
Date: August 2006

With a little help from her mom, and the guidence of a few well-seasoned designer-aquaintances, at the tender age of 13, Tatiana Mclane has been creating a buzz in the fashion industry. I recently had the fantastic privilege of interviewing Tatiana and her mother Venice Wong where we talked about how Tatiana got started, her influences and keen business sense.

Our Questions for Venice

Q: What advice would you offer to other parents who notice their child has interest in fashion design?

A: Nowadays, I notice that there are many young kids both girls and guys who are designing their own clothing, logos, accessories and jewelry. To me, this is the DIY generation. Also, kids are being influenced by media personalities such as recording artists and professional athletes who have their own fashion lines. These are today's role models. Kids today are much more creative and like to design their own clothing to give themselves a more individual style. If a parent notices that their child is interested in fashion design, they should certainly encourage the child to pursue this interest by offering classes such as sewing or jewelry making classes at the local fabric or craft supply store or perhaps the parent or a relative can teach the basics. If the child wants to sell their designs, then the parent should explain the basics of running your own business. Even if the child does not choose designing as an occupation, at least they have learned a skill that they can enjoy throughout their life.

Q: I read on your site that you're also an entertainment lawyer, how do you balance your work load between being a lawyer and being a designer?

"Balance" is the key word. I also consider being a Mom a full time occupation as well. I have always been a hard worker since I was a young child. I loved to keep busy with schoolwork, reading books, creating stories, designing clothing for my dolls from scraps that my talented mother let me have from her sewing projects, and practicing my piano, flute, and dance routines etc I did quite well in school and attended UCLA and Pepperdine University Law School. I have a schedule book that I coordinate with my law partner/husband's schedule book. This involves contracts and other legal work for our clients, events to attend, meetings and so forth. I also schedule Tatiana's schedule which involves school, modeling assignments, and after school activities. I also coordinate Queenie4ever's schedule which includes meetings, interviews etc. It sounds like a lot, but if you schedule everything in advance, it just becomes part of your life and very manageable. Of course, we take time off for family vacations and hanging out with our friends.

Q: Being a lawyer also, do you feel that affects your designs?

Venice: Yes and No. Yes because we try to keep in mind the legal aspects of the fashion industry especially the trademark and copyright issues. And No because Tatiana and I design things that are inspired by our love of Vintage Glamour and our Asian culture.

Q: At what moment did you realize that Tatiana had talent with fashion design?

Venice: I realized that Tatiana had talent with fashion design and could actually get people to buy her designs when we began wearing our custom accessories and T shirts to celebrity events and we would come back home with orders from A-list celebrities including Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough and Melissa Joan Hart " Sabrina the teenage Witch".

Q: What do you feel Tatiana's most significant accomplishment thus far has been?

Venice: I feel Tatiana's most significant accomplishment thus far is doing an excellent job representing Queenie4ever as the teen spokes model/entrepreneur at various celebrity studded and media covered events including our recent Los Angeles Fashion show at the hip Los Angeles Boutique, where we are in house designers, called EM & Co located on W. 3rd St. and at the MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge where her business savvy manner and sweet disposition was noticed by KTLA , LA Weekly, KVMDTV, LA Splash Magazine, Swagtime.com, TMZ.com, E entertainment, Teen People, Access Hollywood, and by all the celebrities who oohed and aahed over our glamorous and comfy collection of t shirts including Kelly Hu, Christa Campbell from Summerland, Autumn Reeser from OC, Alex Murriel from Laguna Beach, Daveigh Chase from Lilo and Stitch and The Ring, Beverly Mitchell from 7th Heaven etc..

Queenie4Ever Our Questions for Tatiana

Q: What design of yours is your personal favorite?

Tatiana: Anything from my Vintage Queenie Collection because it makes me feel glamorous when I wear them. I especially love wearing Limo Queenie because I love riding in Limos. Two of my favorite Limo rides include driving around Orlando, Florida with Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough., my mom and dad and his family after attending a concert where he wore our custom made distressed denim blazer and pintucked tuxedo button down shirt during his performance and cruising down Hollywood Blvd. with my friends with the music cranked up to celebrate my friend's 13th birthday.

Q: The Queenie4ever girl design is absolutely adorable! Where did the inspiration come from for that design?

Tatiana: The character Queenie was inspired by our favorite style icon Audrey Hepburn and the glamorous movie stars of old Hollywood.

Q: If you had to describe your clothing line in one sentence, what would you say?

Tatiana: Clothing for the Glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.

Q: Who is the celebrity that you were most excited to see interested in your clothing?

Tatiana: Jessica Simpson because she is very beautiful and talented, and I admire her fun girly style.

Q: What are the future plans with Queenie4ever?

Tatian: We are working on more designs featuring our characters Queenie and her French poodle Bijou. We are also working on our new men's t shirt line called Wong Wear which is edgy with an Asian flair.

Q: If you could give any advice to other young people looking to break into this industry, what would you say?

Tatiana: I would tell them to follow their dreams. The Fashion industry is not an easy industry to break into. But, if this is your passion, you should put 100% effort into becoming what you want whether it be a successful fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, or some other occupation in the industry. Find people such as your parents, friends, and relatives who want to help you achieve your dreams, and work hard at making your dream come true. I asked my Mom to help me, and we have worked hard to make Queenie4ever a successful brand.

What is the most challenging part of designing clothes?

Tatiana: The most challenging part of designing clothes is designing something that everyone will like and want to purchase.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about designing clothes?

Tatiana: I enjoy having people like my clothes and seeing them wearing Queenie4ever clothing is very rewarding.

Q: What are your favorite clothing brands?

Tatiana: Some of my favorite designers are actually people who I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with about Queenie4ever including Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, Cynthia Rowley, and Tarina Tarantino.

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