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Perfume River

Perfume River

Perfume River
Style and Unexpected Practicality are the essence of Perfume River. The brainchild of the Perfume River brand, Huong Caitlin Nguyen, was named after that very river in Central Vietnam which was her father’s birthplace. The word “huong” in Vietnamese signifies “perfume”. Today, the “Song Huong”, or Perfume River, is all at once a source of inspiration for aspiring students of poetry and history, a romantic spot for young lovers, a channel of trade and fishing for locals, and a tourist attraction to view former kings’ tombs and buddhist towers. Born with a zest for learning and traveling, Huong lived and worked in various parts of the world, and became inspired by culture, design, and architecture. With that vision, she focused in on her true love, fashion, and now pours in her worldly passions to make her Perfume River dream come true.

The Perfume River woman is strong and sophisticated in spirit. She loves traveling and exploring culture because it is through getting out of her world does she learn more about herself. The look of individuality and personality is evoked by the use of a combination of materials such as leather, suede, silk, satin, and cotton with intricate, unique patterns of hand-crafted embroidery. This together with color creates a layered, textured effect, and the look on handbags, shawls, coats, and other accessories is…dazzling!

With headquarters in TriBeCa, New York City, Perfume River presents a unique mix of accessories inspired by the shapes, textures, and smells from the many residential stints in Asia, Europe, and West and East Coasts. In particular, the experience of embroidery, which defines our look, is likened to meditation and inner peace, spiraling from the discipline, patience, and acceptance that the art of embroidery teaches. The three dimensional ‘landscape’ and textured look that this hand embroidery offers is both the inspiration from which Perfume River was born and the inspiration it hopes to arouse in you!

Life is in constant motion as is fashion. A seed is planted, grows, and blooms into a beautiful form as it journeys through life. We hope you enjoy this season’s collections and look forward to presenting to you Perfume River’s constant evolution. Always be Strong, be Sophisticated… and always be ready to Turn Heads!

FanBolt Recommendations:

Perfume River is a brand of unique elegance. What we love so much about this line is that it makes any outfit. These totes, handbags, and clutches are adorned with such a great amount of detail that all you will need is a basic outfit and a piece from this collection, and you look like you’ve just stepped off of Rodeo Drive. You’ll look classy and feminine just like Summer Roberts. We see Summer mostly in designs that are unique, bohemian, and high quality, which is why we think she would be a fan of Perfume River.

We think that the Peacock Messenger bag, pictured second to last on our model would pair up beautifully with Summer’s outfit here. And while Perfume River isn’t a brand that has been featured on The OC yet, it definitely captures what OC fashion is all about, being stylish and beautiful!

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