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OC Fashion Features
Fashion On The OC

Fashion On The O.C.

OC Fashion

The O.C. has set many a fashion trend since its premiere in 2003. Girls wanted the designer clothes that adorned Marissa and those bohemian tops that Summer became known for. And the guys wanted to know about those awesome Penguin shirts that Seth sported.

If you're looking for the latest trends in fashion and music, the OC is definitely the place to find them. Whether you’re trying to recreate Marissa’s look with a simple polo shirt and a knee length white skirt, or if you’re looking for some of those classic tanks and jeans that Summer looks like a million bucks in, you’ve come to the right place!

Dress Like An OCer!
Marissa's Fashion
Get Marissa's Look!
Marissa Cooper's style can best be described as Trendy/Chic/California Girl. Marissa is usually the one in the most designer pieces on the show. Her style hasn't evolved too much since season 1, she still comes across to audiences as a girl who knows how to shop and what she looks the best in. With Mischa's figure, Marissa could pull off wearing just about anything, and she would still be absoulutely gorgeous.

Where to Shop for Marissa's Look
- Bloomingdales
- Nordstorm
- Adasa
- C&C California
- Lacoste

<< Lacoste Short Sleeve Pique Polo - $72 Available at Adasa

Summer's Fashion
Get Summer's Look
Summer Roberts' style has developed drastically since season 1. We started off seeing her in a lot of Juicy Couture pieces and then last season we saw her style evolve into that of a true bohemian. While we can still catch her in some trendy Marc Jacobs' pieces, we're most likely to see her in something a little bit more vintage and flower childish. Summer's fashion last season rivled that of Anna's in season 1, not only because her clothing is a little bit more practical than a lot of Marissa's pieces but also because it's stylish and fun.

Where to Shop for Summer's Look
- Bloomingdales
- Urban Outfitters
- C&C California
- RevolveClothing.Com
- ShopBop.Com
- Arden B

<< Generra Sequined Mesh Shrug - $81
Available at Revolve Clothing.

Seth's Fashion
Get Seth's Look
Seth sports a nerdy yet trendy style. Most of the time we see him in Penguin shirts along with some Paul Frank shirts as well. He manages to grasp hold of a style that is urban yet mainstream at the same time. We never see him in baggy jeans or a shirt that appears to be to large for him. Seth seems to be a true advocate of the European cut when it comes to clothing. What can we say? Girls want to date him, and guys want to be him.

Where to Shop for Seth's Look
- Urban Ouffiters
- Penguin Clothing
- Ben Sherman

<< Diamond Front Vest - $9.99
Available at Urban Outfitters.

Ryan's Fashion
Get Ryan's Look
Ryan's style is the most easy to accomplish as well as the most affordable. We usually see him a wifebeater tank with a loose but not baggy pair of jeans. You can throw a button up shirt on over the wifebeater to dress it up a little more, but with Ryan's style, we would rarely see that shirt buttoned up.

Where to Shop for Ryan's Look
- Hanes
- 7 For All Mankind

<< Hanes® Cotton Rich Zip Hood
Available at Hanes.

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