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Reo Medoni

Reo Medoni
Medoni represents the convergence of designer Beth Morgan’s many passions. In Medoni, Beth has brought together her enthusiasm for fashion as art, her belief that style can also be functional, and her love affair with Chile.

Before founding Medoni Handbags, Beth worked as a Hollywood costume designer, earning an Emmy nomination as part of a television design team. You can check out her costuming work on Dog Bites Man, which premieres on Comedy Central Wednesday, June 7, 2006 at 10:30 p.m.

Her idea for Medoni was simple yet revolutionary. She knew that a handbag makes the look, but was tired of switching bags only to discover she had forgotten something essential in her last bag. So she came up with a solution—the Metamorphosis concept—that lets the stylish woman dress her handbag when she dresses herself.

Beth has explored her love of fine leatherwork and luxurious hand-painted fabrics, employing up-and-coming Los Angeles artists to create original designs for her Metamorphosis Elite line. At the same time, Medoni has allowed Beth to pursue another goal—showcasing the work of Chilean artisans and creating opportunities for them to enter the U.S. market. Beth fell in love with the country while visiting her sister, who married a Chileno. She selected Chilean workers to manufacture her handbags because of their unique leathers and impeccable craftsmanship, which she calls Italian-quality with a New World attitude. Her collection may be viewed at www.medoni.com.

FanBolt Recommendations:

Medoni has a gorgeous line of bags that we absolutely love. They’re cute yet sophisticated and perfect for the modern woman who is confident in her fashion sense. You can create a look that is similar to Summer wit the handbag at the top of the page, or if you’re looking for a bag that is more like one Marissa would carry, we love the second bag at the top for her look. You could also carry one of the two bags we have featured below if you’re looking for that classy high fashion Julie Cooper look.

Medoni bags are unique in style and high quality in craftsmanship. They’re practical as well with pockets on the inside for your must have accessories like your cell phone and makeup compact, there’s even a key holder on the inside so you don’t have to fumble around looking for your keys. Whether you’re looking for a clutch, shoulder bag, or a tote, Medoni has you covered in classic designs that will have all eyes on you!

Medoni Medoni Medoni Medoni

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