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Lynn Linh

lynn linh

lynn linh
If you tuned into The OC on September 22, 2005, you probably spotted Lynn/Linh’s silk peacock dress on Julie Cooper! Julie, played by Melinda Clarke, wore the Lynn/Linh dress during a pivotal scene—the reading of her late husband’s will, followed by a scene at the diner.

Lynn/Linh is not your typical contemporary line. Instead, they make highly detailed, ironic and forward styles for the woman who understands fashion. Lynn/Linh styles are designed for the girl who likes to play with fashion. She is not dictated by the latest trend. But, she knows how to mix current trends with a personal sense of individuality and sarcasm.

FanBolt Recommendations:

Lynn/Linh’s clothing is designed for women who are confident and have a savvy fashion sense. The designs are sexy and sophisticated, yet playful and unique. In relation to The O.C., they have Julie Cooper written all over them. Julie is a character who is the most aware of her wardrobe on the show. She loves classy clothes that insinuate her presence, and Lynn/Linh’s clothing is definitely a line that falls in her realm. While Julie finds herself at home in these fashions, one could easily see Taylor in the red velvet jacket or Summer in the printed tank with velvet. With endless possibilities matched with a high quality in this line, you can’t go wrong! Only word of advice from our site, you might need a size larger than you normally wear with this line. Small means small! I would imagine Julie Cooper is at least a medium in these outfits. So explore the possibilities with this brand, and you’ll set a style all your own!

Lynn Linh Lynn Linh Lynn Linh Lynn Linh

Where to Buy

Lynn-Linh Line Stores:

Nordstrom´s - All Stores (888)282-6060
Mason’s- Fayetteville, AR.
Suzie P. – Scottsdale, AZ. (480).998-2001
Rochelle. K- Tucson, AZ. (520).797.2279
Panache Boutique- Fountain Hills, AZ. (480).213.3855

Duchess Botique - Pembroke, Bermuda (441)292-2924

Del Mar Country Club- Del Mar, CA. (858).759.5500
Rachel Boutique- Irvine, CA. (949).823.1909
Satisfy My Soul- Laguana Beach, CA. (949).376.7163
Special Tees- Moraga, CA. (925).376.8331
Lisa Kline- Los Angeles, CA. (888)
Lisakline Melange- Los Angeles, CA. (858).551.4226
Thesis, Los Angeles, CA. (323).658.8481
Tatiana, Del Mar, CA. (858).481.3284
Shaya, Los Angeles, CA. (310).659.2701
Queen Bee- Newport Beach, CA. (949).515.0233
Millies- Newport Coast, CA. (949).715.1111
American Rag- Los Angeles, CA. (323).933.5686
Lisa Angel- Studio City, CA. (818).508.6045
Frills- San Diego, CA. (619).497.0458
Devine- Beverly Hills, CA. (213).247.6333
Al’a’Mode- La Jolla, CA. (858).454.7450
Tag Rag- Beverly Hills, CA. (310).275.2131
Collette- Los Angeles, CA. (213).387.4268
Polka Dots & Moonbeams- Los Angeles, CA. (323).655.4525
Reign- San Luis Obispo, CA. (805).782.9552
Seven- Los Angeles, CA. (310).473.4502
Alina, B. Los Angeles, CA. (925).736.8115
Reuge- Los Angeles, CA. (310).273.1662
H. Lorenzo- Los Angeles, CA. (310).659.1432
Blue- Los Angeles, CA. (323).939.2228
Neccessities - Encino, Ca. (818)995-0092
BB Pepper - Fresno, Ca. (559)650-0108
Royal Cheapskate - Hollywood, Ca. (323)828-8538
Only Hearts - Santa Monica, Ca. (310)393-3088
Principessa - Venice, Ca. (310)450-6696
Ilene's - Westlake Village, Ca. (818)707-6817
Leo Boutique - Calgary, Canada (403)410-9236

Destination - Washington D.C. (202)328-2101
Pink November - Washington D.C. (202)333-1121
Urban Chick - Washington D.C. (202)338-5398
Kaleidescope - Dewey Beach, Delaware (678)429-3464

Red Velvet - Destin, FL. (850).654.5557
Soye - Miami, Fl. (305).573.1622
Sassafrass - Jupiter, FL. (561).745.7744
IOS - Coconut Grove, FL. (305).442.7166
Femme Fatal - Naples, FL.
Simply Natural - Naples, Fl. (239)263-6751

McColly’s- Athens, GA. (706).613.5975
Luxe- Atlanta, GA. (404).869.2493
K-LA - Norcross, Ga. (678)205-5477

Misfortune - Honolulu, Hi. (808)597-1556

Flirt- Chicago, IL. (773)935.4789
Tribeca- Chicago, IL. (312).773.5260
Red Head Boutique- Chicago, IL. (773).325.9898
Fuschia- GlenEllyn, IL. (630).469.7460
Mek3 - GlenEllyn, Il.

Pink Slip Boutique- London, KY.

For Moni- New Orleans, LA. (504).895.1720
Material Girl- Baton Rouge, LA. (225)761.2744
Eros- Mandeville, LA. (985).727.0034
Eros- Baton Rouge, LA. (225).218.9600
Bellini- Merairie, LA. (504) 835.2021
French Lessons- LA, (978)499.0499
K-sera - West Monroe, LA. (318)410-1111

MetroPark- All Stores
Luxe- Birmingham, MI. (248).594.0050
110 Couture- Birmingham, MI. (248).203.0110
Eye of the Needle- Boston, MA. (617)859.7999
VBC- Frontenac, MO. (314).567.9049
Mint Julep - Boston, MA. (617)576-6468
Splash - St. Louis, MO. (314)721-6442

Lipstick- Reno, NV. (775)322.2352 Zabari National- New York, NY. (212).431.7502
Selma & Syd- New York, NY (212).486.1992
Austin Jeans- Forest Hills, NY. (718).544.9856
Sugar- New York, NY. (212)420.6499
Big Drop- New York, NY.
MIA- Brooklyn, NY. (917).881.2384
Stash- Las Vegas, NV.
Purdy Girl, New York, NY. (212).677.9647
Nouvelle Eve- Omaha, NE. (402).345.9633
Ella Blu- Hickory, NC. (828).324.9792
Cici & Faye- Brooklyn, NY. (908).309.5300
Saan Sann- New York, NY.
The Strapless Dress- Lynbrook, NM. (516).561.8202
Excess- Las Vegas, NV. (702).597.9500
Henry Bendel’s, New York, NY.
Rouge - Raleigh, NC. (919)602-2724
Tia's Place - Jersey City, NJ. (201)451-9358
Wild Flower Botique - Winston-Salem, NC.
Maleeka - Brooklyn, NY.
Addy & Ferro - Brooklyn, NY. (718)246-2900
Clothier Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY.
Mini Mini Market - Brooklyn, NY. (718)302-9337
Redberri - Brooklyn, NY. (718)622-1964
B.B. Balsam - Greenport, NY. (631)477-2897
Only Hearts - NY, NY. (212)724-5608
Nypull - NY, NY. (212)625-2000
Saada - NY, NY. (212)223-3505
Project234 - NY, NY.

La Boheme- Jacksonville, OR.
En Vogue- Bend, OR. (541).312.4588
Savvy- Norman, OK. (405).292.1971
Show Room - Toronto, Ont. (416)977-3888

Vagabond- Philadelphia, PA. (267).671.0737
B Shehu- Philadelphia, PA. (215).546.0868
LeeHe Fai- Philadelphia, PA. (215).564.6111

Galapagos- Charleston, RI. (401).322.3000

Finicky Filly- Charleston, SC.
Nancy´s - Charleston, SC.

Blue Elephant- Austin, TX. (512).454.9506
Turtletique- Dallas, TX. (214).350.9399
Mesho- Dallas, TX (214).827.4600
Krimson & Klover- Dallas, TX. (214).871.2334
By George- Austin, TX. (512).472.2731
Abbey Road- The Woodlands, TX. (936).321.7623
Dahlia Boutique- San Antonio, TX. (210).930.0050
Trio- Austin, TX. (512)451.8746
Flirt - Dallas, TX. (214)754-7001

Wild Orchid- Virginia Beach, VA. (757).422.8202

Urban Chic-Washington, D.C. (202).338.5398
Karen & Co. – Madison, WI. (608).258.5500

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