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Guy Baxter

Guy Baxter Logo

Guy Baxter Logo
Guy Baxter is Braxton and Turya Nations. Braxton, a rogue music producer and Turya, a photographer who owned a vintage clothing store met in early 1999 while taking Midi Music Technology classes in Nashville.

They combined their individual artistic sensibilities, and created a blast from the past, specifically influenced by the Kings Road and Chelsie street culture of the mid – twentieth century. “We cannot get over the fashion that hit in the late 50’s and continued through the 60’s and 70’s. Post world wars, everything was so new yet so honestly familiar, so organic; there was a real celebration of being human, a surge toward simplicity in an increasingly complex society, and fashion reflected this.”

For Guy Baxter, fashion is not just a business opportunity; it is a valid and important arena for real artistic expression. Uniquely, Baxter summons creativity from what inspires them, rather than just trends dictated by industry. Inspiration may be triggered by such seemingly unrelated sources as: vintage cameras, movie projectors, and Enoch Light Orchestra percussion records. The marriage of time, then and now, and purpose, form and function lies in the heart of Guy Baxter fashion.

On an average day, you will find the couple in their West Hollywood studio, playing vinyl and sewing samples. The future for Guy Baxter promises to be a constantly appreciative journey and hopes to emerge as an inspiration legacy, not only for fashion but all Art.

Guy Baxter has recently had their clothing seen on Rachel Bilson in Star Magazine and Amy Smart In Lucky Magazine.

FanBolt Recommendations:

We are huge fans of Guy Baxter clothing! The designs are unique and classic, and the quality is absolutely top notch. The material is so light and dainty, you simply couldn’t ask for a more comfortable fit. We’ve pictured the loose fit Bobby tank top (available here - on sale for $49.99!) which is a version of the Sophie tunic (available here - for $104) that Rachel Bilson was photographed in at the Shag Club. The Bobby tank looks perfect with a pair of jeans, and if you want to accessorize with it, we recommend a thin brown belt like we have pictured below. It’s the flawless way to add a little spunk to your wardrobe!

We also love the Elizabeth dress (available here - on sale for $237.99) which is pictured below. This dress has a similar style and fit to many of the dresses that Mischa Barton is photographed in. The loose fit is really in right now, and it’s hard to find clothing with this fit that still flatters one’s figure. However, the Guy Baxter line compliments the female figure in a classic manner. So if you want style and comfort mixed into one, then be sure to check out Guy Baxter’s online store for some more fab fashion finds!

Guy Baxter Guy Baxter Guy Baxter Guy Baxter Guy Baxter Guy Baxter Guy Baxter Guy Baxter Guy Baxter

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