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The Original Girl Tye

The Original Girl Tye

Girl Tye Logo
The Original Girl Tye ™ was conceived by designer Mary Gallea after she realized there were no ties designed specifically for women.  Wanting something that would accessorize her new work suits, she scoured stores and online to find a stylish tie that would meet her needs—nothing.  Rather than settle for a big, wide tie designed for a man, Mary decided to make her own out of one of her husband’s ties.  She made it skinny and attached a piece of jewelry, and her vision for The Original Girl Tye™ was born.  The tyes fit in with the current menswear trend, as seen in the classic plaids and feminized menswear looks seen at the fall Marc Jacobs runway.

“Tie dressing for women should always be a choice…just like selecting a necklace to go with an outfit, why not a tie?” says Mary.  “When I think of women wearing my tyes I think of styles reminiscent of the pant suits and ties worn by Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich in the ‘30s and ‘40s.  Or the ‘60s wearing a man’s untucked white shirt, black tie, vest and tight black jeans with ankle boots.  I can also picture today’s woman wearing a Girl Tye casual with a tank or a tee shirt.”  

For the Fall ’06 collection, solid colors include rich tones of olive, caramel and burgundy dupione silk and subdued black and grey polka dot print cotton. The spring collection consists of some brights, polka dots, stripes and paisley—think pink and black, retro prints. The collection may include some matching wide headbands, too.   The Original Girl TyeTM is made from 100% dupione silk or 100% cotton.

In addition to tyes, there is Original Girl Tye™ Flaire jewelry pins to mix and match with the different tye styles.  Girl Tye Flaire can be worn as a tie tac or lapel pin.

FanBolt Recommendations:

Who says guys should be the only ones allowed to wear ties? Certainly not us! Girl Tye defies that notion with a trendy new line of ties designed just for us girls! We love all the possibilities that these accessories open up.

How can one use these ties to adapt the desired OC look? We see the Girl Tye line as something that Kaitlin would sport. We would recommend a burgundy tie or an olive green tie over a black top and perhaps some matching black leggings. Kaitlin’s style on the show is a bit like what Marissa used to wear yet it pushes the boundaries a little more and definitely would be classified as trendy and edgy. Be sure to pick yourself up a tie and some Girl Tye flare today!

We’ve listed a site below that carries the line, including the pieces that we have pictured below, so if one of these styles catches your eye, be sure to grab it before it’s gone!

Girl Tye Girl Tye Girl Tye Girl Tye Girl Tye

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