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Fresh Karma

Fresh Karma

Fresh Karma Logo
Fresh Karma (formerly Fresh Los Angeles) was born in May of 2004 and has seen astounding growth in its first year.

Three owners, Nevi, Amy and Owen, collaborated to create a line of clothing that reflects respect, recycling and good karma. Owen comes from a colorful career in both the music and clothing industry and has a vast knowledge of vintage. Amy also has an eye for vintage and an amazing talent for innovative design. Nevi an Art director and skilled graphic artist, and together these three creative forces have created a line that is whimsical, unconcerned with trends and ever changing.

Fresh Karma has introduced diversity to the contemporary market place with their unique processes and intricate details. No two pieces are exactly alike, all silk screens are done by hand, and each individual piece passes through the hands of one of the three owners. All silk screens used are replicas of vintage screens discovered from years spent scouring rag houses across the country. The line consists of reconstructed woven’s, polo’s, shrunken hoodies, skirts, cami’s, blazers and hats, all with the special “Fresh Karma” twist. The brand has been embraced by some of the best specialty stores in the USA, Japan and the UK. Fresh Karma can be found at Kitson, Intuition, Fred Segal, The Lounge NY, Selfridges, Labrador and LaLa Plan to name a few.

FanBolt Recommendations:

Vintage hippie style with a modern flare is the best way we can describe Fresh Karma. Their designs are truly one of a kind and made for the girl who knows exactly what she wants. What we love most about this collection is that all of the silk screens used are actually replicated from vintage screens that the designers discovered over the years, so in wearing one of these pieces, you’re actually wearing a vintage design! No two pieces are the same either, which only adds to the uniqueness of this line! You’ll find that aside from the cute and colorful designs that Fresh Karma offers, you’re also getting high quality clothing.

So how can you use Fresh Karma clothing to achieve that OC look? Well you have tons of options! We can totally see Marissa wearing the U.S. t-shirt tunic dress (pictures 1 & 2), and we think Summer would love the African bead halter (picture 5). We could also see Alex supporting the unicorn army vest in fatigue over the unicorn ringer tee in burnout (picture 9 & 10), and we think Julie Cooper would love the African shirred waist tube (picture 12).

We’ve listed several sites below that carry the line, including the pieces that we have pictured below, so if one of these styles catches your eye, be sure to grab it before it’s gone!

Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma Fresh Karma

Where to Buy

Fresh Karma Stores:

Store That Carry Fresh Karma:
- Kitson, Los Angeles, CA
- Planet Blue, Malibu, CA
- Roxy, Denver, CO
- Octane, Dallas, TX
- LuLu, Florida, FL
- Lounge, New York, NY
- Still, Las Vegas, NV
- Up Against the Wall, Washington D.C.
- Silver Star, Honolulu, HI
- Electric Lady Land, Scottsdale, AZ
- Singer 22, Great Neck, NY
- Isetan, Japan
- Labrador, Japan
- United Arrows, Japan
- Ships, Japan
- Selfridges, London

Online Boutiques

Company Website

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