Fresh Karma Clothing Contest

Win History Clothing! It’s Style Week here at TheOCOnline.Com, and not only are we bringing you the coolest designers that have been featured on The OC, but we’re also giving you the chance to win clothing and accessories from those designers! It doesn’t get any better than this!

We’re giving you the chance to win 12 different pieces from Fresh Karma! All of these pieces are size small, so please keep that in mind! There will be multiple winners in this contest, so be sure to note which pieces you are entering to win, you can view all of the pieces on our feature for Fresh Karma. Enter to win below, and be sure to check out the website for Fresh Karma you can find the retailer nearest you!

The only requirement for this contest is that you’re a member with at least 10 or more posts on our message boards! So if you’re not already a member, you can join here! Contest ends on September 1st, so be sure to get your entry in before that! Good luck!

Contest is now closed!

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