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The Aftermath - Episode Information

Production Number: 301

Air Date: 2005-09-08

When THE O.C. returns for its third season premiere (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), Ryan (Ben McKenzie), Marissa (Mischa Barton), Seth (Adam Brody) and Summer (Rachel Bilson) are about to begin their senior year at Harbor High. But while everyone else celebrates the last days of summer, a dark cloud hangs over the foursome. Trey (Logan Marshall-Green), Ryan's brother, still clings to life two months after the shooting and the cops want to know who really shot him. Will Ryan take the fall for Marissa? Meanwhile, Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) and Marissa's father, Jimmy (Tate Donovan), are determined to protect Marissa at whatever cost. And while Sandy (Peter Gallagher), Seth and Ryan try to fend for themselves at home, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), still recovering in her plush rehab by the sea, forms a friendship with fellow recovering alcoholic Charlotte (Jeri Ryan), who like all things in the O.C. may not be everything she appears to be.


--Trey is wheeled in a stretcher to a hospital. Ryan, Marissa, Summer, Seth follows as a cop comes up to them asking more questions. Marissa admits that she shot Trey and Ryan faints.

--Summer and Marissa talk about Senior year and how Marissa can't sleep at night.

--Sandy talks with Chris Caldwell (Deputy District Attorney) about the case. The DA is not buying Marissa's story and thinks Ryan shot Trey.

--At the rehab, Kirsten talks to a open group. The doctor says that she made much progress there.

--Caldwell questions Seth and Ryan again with a tape recorder. He asks trap questions for the boys and just when they were about to answer, the tape runs out.

--Caldwell visits the Coopers and questions Marissa. Marissa's attorney Esbenshade is present also. Summer is shooed outside while Marissa gives the story again.

--Julie and Julie talks to Wilshire, Caleb's lawyer. Julie isn't getting access to Calebs money and is demanding to know where it is. Wilshire refuses to help. Jimmy's phone rings and Esbenshade has called to tell them that Trey's awake.

--The fab 4 enjoy the beach for one last time.

--Julie goes to the hospital to visit Trey and threatens the nurse to let her in.

--Ryan is arrested on the Dock with the attempted murder of Trey Atwood

--Marissa and Summer dress up as candy strippers and visits Trey.Trey knows that Marissa shot him but said that he was only trying to protect Marissa by lying.

Cast Information

Benjamin McKenzie, Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Alan Dale, Melinda Clarke, and Tate Donovan

Guest Stars:
Jeri Ryan

Episode Music

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